Laminate flooring, Katy, TX, mimics real wood flooring well, really well.

Many times you’ll yearn for the look of a wood floor, but you just can’t have it, because maybe your budget just doesn’t allow it. Or maybe it can’t be installed in that room because of high moisture level. Or maybe you have concerns about that expansion/contraction action for which a wood floor is so well known.

It’s stylish and not at all like the laminate we remember from years ago. Technology’s a lot better now, and there are more choices than ever before, from the popular domestics like hickory and oak to the exotics like Tigerwood. Textures add even more realism and you can have rustic, vintage and farmhouse looks.

One of the hottest trends in this flooring is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed hardwood is recycled from the floors of closed-up factories and offices, and each plank is unique and different. Many homeowners select this because of its modern look and it’s a good budget-friendly option for those sophisticated, middle-class homeowners who can’t, or won’t, spend an arm and a leg on reclaimed hardwood.

The biggest advance, the one that is what you need to know about laminate flooring, is in the photography. It’s high resolution and enables manufacturers to give you the stunning, vibrant, and realistic image that’s glued to fiberboard, an ultra-strong material. Then, to make it even stronger, there’s a clear plastic wear layer on top, so you can’t “walk off” the image or scratch or dent it. There are even mold-resistant and mildew-resistant technologies built in. All laminate is water-resistant, but there are also some that are completely waterproof.

Most laminate flooring trends in 2017 are aligned closely with the wood floor trends that are still going strong today. 

Right now, it’s particularly trendy to mix up colors, so there are higher variations and more dramatic looks. One of the facts about laminate floors is that you’ll also see more textures than ever before, especially hand-scraped, wood-distressed, and of course, reclaimed, as well as fun patterns in unconventional widths, like wide planks or herringbones.

Come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX, and let us show you this wonderful alternative to wood floors.