If you're spending time researching what to know about laminate flooring, there's no need to look further than this article. Thanks to our Katy, TX showroom experts, A+ Floors 4U has compiled this handy, must-know piece, perfect for homeowners who are about to undergo renovations, or folks who are toying with the idea of a redesign. Still not sure if it's a good fit? Read on, and decide for yourself!

What to Know About Laminate Flooring

Durable and easy-to-install, this surfacing material comes in either square tiles or planks. Design-wise, they're manufactured with the appearance of ceramic, stone or wood, among other stylish options. Protected by a hard-wearing melamine layer, a film layer displays high-resolution images. At its core, you'll find a high-density fibreboard (HDF).

Although this surfacing material can take on nearly any appearance, such as marble or stone, it creates a comfortable layer underfoot. When choosing the ideal material for your home, opt for premium grade laminate flooring. Katy, TX residents should look for ones that come with a warranty, easily click together, and have a chameleon-like quality.

Let's Get Down to the Facts
• Looking for something ridiculously easy-to-install? This surfacing material can be placed over subfloors or existing levels. As it doesn't require glue, and is so quick to install, that homeowners save time and money. And, once they're in, you can walk on them immediately!
• Maintenance-wise, they're a cinch to clean. With a quick sweep or dry-mopping, your kitchen, living room or basement, is clean in a jiffy!
• Re-staining or refinishing is now a thing of the past! As this surfacing material doesn't contain wood, there's no need to redo your rooms ever again.
• Laminate flooring trends in 2017 showed a huge increase in placing this surfacing material in bathrooms and kitchens, although they're truly versatile and can be installed anywhere. As this material is very long-lasting, go ahead and add it to areas that are subject to high traffic.
• Does anyone in your family have asthma or allergies? Hypoallergenic properties make laminate flooring an excellent choice for households that must maintain an allergen-free environment.