No matter what type of surfacing material you're considering for your latest redesign, it's crucial to get to know it before making this substantial purchase. At A+ Floors 4U, we'd like to give you a quick run-down of what to know about laminate flooring, to simplify your renovation decision. Our Katy, TX on-site experts know all the facts about laminate flooring there is know, which means you're about to get the essential info right now!

Laminate Flooring in Katy, TX Homes:

Let's Talk About Installation
When it comes to installation, there's nothing more straightforward than this surfacing material. Typically, most products are manufactured as a "click lock" version, which would explain why they're so popular with the DIY crowd. However, to keep them in place, some brands require the use of an adhesive. Again, since they're so straightforward to install, many homeowners opt to do the job themselves, which does save them a large amount of money in the long run. 

Let's Talk About Life Cycle
When shopping around for surfacing materials, consider both the cost of installation and the lifecycle of the product in question. Knowing how long it will last, will give you a clear idea of how often you'll need to replace it. Once you know the answer, are you still willing to commit to it? Also, think about the environment where you'll have it installed. Is it high traffic? Do you have kids and pets? Should you opt for something waterproof? Normally, this surfacing material does last several years and is incredibly cost-effective. 

Let's Talk About Maintenance
As one of the less demanding surfacing options, you'll only be required to do minimal maintenance. Aside from a simple sweep and dry mop or vacuum, there's no need for constant wet mopping, unless your household experiences many messes. Having said this, do keep in mind that excessive amounts of water damages this product, so make sure not to let water stand in one section, or form any puddles. 

There are many laminate flooring tends in 2018 that are incredibly attractive nowadays. When combined with low maintenance and low cost, it's no wonder this product is a top seller!