Contrary to what some may believe, one of the facts about laminate flooring is that you can stain it. You can only stain in a darker color, however, because, when staining, the finish is sanded. You can’t sand the whole thing off and start all over again.

One of the most sought-after floorcoverings, this laminate is pressed wood with a plastic wear layer, the protective covering. Thanks to modern technology, it looks remarkably similar to real wood, is resistant to both stains and scratches, and even has protection against mold and mildew built right in.

It’s stylish and versatile enough to look great in traditional to modern settings. All this without the sticker shock! Don’t bargain-hunt, though, go for the best laminate flooring in Katy, TX: A+Floors 4 U.

Circling back to dark stains, espresso and even darker shades became popular in 2017, and we’re sure to see more of them in the near future. Dark floors are sleek and modern, and they work especially well when you’re trying to go for that black & white contrast. Dark colors look as beautiful in laminate, as they do in real wood. However, it’s important to understand that dark can make a room look smaller, so if that’s an issue for you, go with a lighter one.

Other laminate flooring trends in 2017 which we’ll probably still see this year are:

● Textures. Weathered, distressed looks and hand-scraped appearances will be around for a long time, especially since texturing is one of the features that makes the floors look so real!
● White laminate. These floors can make a home look like something out of a California beach scene. Light floors are youthful, casual, and can give a space a light, bright and airy style. However, there’s one drawback: White does show everything, so if you don’t want to clean a lot, it’s probably not for you.
● Blonde Floors. This can be considered one of those “best of both worlds” things. Blonde is light enough to make a room bright and airy but, unlike white, it won’t look dingy and dirty.
● Patterns: Herringbone, Chevron and Diagonal patterns are big this year.

As a special note, wide planks are popular in real wood, so you may want to mimic that as much as possible in your wood look laminate.

A+ Floors 4 U will help you turn your home into a stylish sanctuary. We service Katy, TX and surrounding areas.