Sure. Whether you’re in Katy or elsewhere in the Metropolitan Houston area, vinyl plank flooring is so tough it can stand up to the heavy furniture and rolling office chairs you have in that room.

Actually, it might even make mobility a little easier for you, since you can roll around easily on that hard surface.

Not to mention the elegance and style that’ll make it a pleasure for you to work in that room. You’ll have the look of wood floors (many species, as well as textures like wire-brushed and distressed), without the hefty price tag.

Just one word of caution: As tough as it is, you might have some very heavy furniture, so it’s always a good idea to use those little rubber pads (on any surface, really, so it doesn’t harm them.)

By the way, don’t worry about the floor if you topple cup of coffee. The material is completely impervious to water, and the same protective clear wear layer that makes it waterproof also make it stain and spill resistant, so it will just sit there until you wipe it up.

You also might think about these rooms:

●Kitchens. While hardwood can sometimes be installed in this room, some homes, especially the older ones, like those big old Southern mansions in Houston, have pipes that are prone to leaks.

The floor can experience some little, or not so little, puddles. One of the best looks for the kitchen is farmhouse or rustic, with gray and white being two of the trendiest colors.

Even if your kitchen is prone to leaks, you can still have this look with vinyl plank flooring that mimics wood; in gray, white or honey, and with textures like distressed or wire-brushed.

●Playrooms: Bring on those spills, pull-toys and dragged chairs. This material can stand up to anything, so it’s recommended as one of the best for playrooms. While you’re at it, feel free to install it in the nursery; don’t worry about moving cribs or bassinets. The wheels won’t hurt it.

●Bathrooms: While you could never install hardwood in this high moisture, humid room, it’s fine to use premium grade vinyl plank for the flooring.

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