If you’ve been in the market for new flooring, you might wonder if laminate flooring is a better choice than some other material. While everyone has different needs, there are a lot of good reasons to choose laminate for your own floors. Of course, considering your specific needs is the best starting place. However, this is one flooring material that is well suited to many different needs.

Laminate is a beautiful material that is durable and most often mimics the look of solid hardwood. It can also look like stone or tile. They are easy to install and maintain, while still looking elegant enough to be used in high-end homes and commercial spaces.

Important Laminate Flooring Information

Laminate is created when layers of wood composite are pressed together and heated at very high temperatures. The top layer is actually an image that most often takes the look of solid wood, which is then covered by a wear layer for added protection.

Not only are the materials used to create this flooring cheaper than solid wood or other natural materials, but the cost of installation is cheaper as well. In fact, installation is only about half of what it costs to have hardwood floors installed. Better still is the fact that once it is installed, you can walk on it immediately, there is no dust and no chemicals used, and your family can even stay in the home during the installation process.

In choosing laminate, be sure to purchase a foam underlayment to go along with it. Not only does it keep the noise down by protecting against clicking sounds when you walk on it, but it also makes it feel a little softer underfoot. It also helps to cover up little inconsistencies across the subfloor, which makes installation even easier.

Finally, make sure you pick a finish that doesn’t just look good, but will also suit your overall lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets, small children or excessive amounts of traffic, be sure to ask your flooring professional which finish is best for you.

Choose Your Laminate Flooring

At A+ Floors 4U, we want to make sure you have the floor of your dreams. We have a showroom located in Katy, TX and we invite you to stop by anytime to speak with a flooring professional. We will discuss your options and help you find the best laminate flooring for your home.