So, you're thinking about new floors for your home, and you have a few questions about laminate flooring. It's not uncommon for us to get questions from clients who are researching new flooring, and are intrigued by laminate because of the price, and want to know more. These clients tend to have the same questions, so A+ Floors 4U thought we'd collect those questions we get the most into this handy little FAQ, to help you make an informed decision about laminate. Here's what we came up with!

Is it Real Wood?

This is inevitably the first question we get from most people. Many people seem to confuse laminate flooring with other materials, such as engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is, indeed, made of wood in the way you are probably thinking. Laminate, however, isn't. wood products are used in the process of making laminate's core, but that's precisely where the relationship with wood ends. The visible, working layers of the material are synthetic.

In short, the answer is a nuanced, "yes and no".

Does it Require Special Maintenance?

No, it doesn't require any more maintenance than most hard-surface materials. You basically just have to keep it well-swept, as dry as possible, and avoid sharp impacts from hard objects, or gouging with furniture. For deeper cleaning, all you need is a mostly dry mop or microfiber mop, to get the job done.

You don't have to worry about buffing or shining the floor to maintain its luster, because the top layer of the flooring is an incredibly durable wear layer that maintains its shine, if cared for as above. Besides, most shining or buffing products actually make the floors look dull, and can even damage them.

Can I Install it Myself?

Well, that depends upon your DIY skill level! Those who aren't completely confident in their handiness, should probably go ahead and hire an installer. For those with even modest DIY skills, a self installation should be no problem, and would be a great way to save a huge chunk of change on the labor costs of a professional laminate flooring installer.

Have We Got Your Attention?

If a durable, affordable, hassle-free floor is something you would be interested in having for your home, A+ Floors 4U has an incredible selection of beautiful laminate flooring styles, available for viewing at our showroom in Katy, TX. If you'd like to have a look around, or arrange for your no-obligation flooring consultation and estimate, just call, email, or stop by our showroom and we'd love to get you started!