Believe it or not, the most attractive laminate flooring trends of 2017 had more to do with your walls, than with your actual floors. Lately, interior designers are using laminate flooring in Katy, TX on walls, creating one-of-a-kind charming accent pieces. If you're thinking, "Floors on walls, really?!" that's probably because you haven't seen the realistic appearance of modern wood-look laminate. With more wood designs than ever, you may want to brush up on your facts about laminate flooring, especially if you're about to renovate your home.

Thanks to our A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX, here are a few creative ways to turn your home into a trending topic with accent walls!

Accent... a Bedroom Wall
In carpeted rooms, such as playrooms and bedrooms, laminate accent walls look particularly stunning. It's all in the contrast between carpeting and wood-look laminate, creating a visually pleasing "pop" that really stands out. Does your bedroom have a large, empty space above the bed? Add the sense of a headboard, without the bulk of such a dominant accessory, by installing laminate on the wall.

Accent... Insets and Shelving
Do you have built-in insets or shelving? If you do, then you have the perfect spot to add a splash of creativity. By adding some wood-look flooring, you're both contemporizing the design and adding artwork. Use bolder wood-look designs for smaller inset spaces, to make that section of the wall truly stand out.

Accent... a Kitchen Backsplash
Nothing beats the simple maintenance, rigidity, and strength of laminate, which are key factors in choosing kitchen backsplashes. Even though ceramic and porcelain tiles have formidable resistance to heat and moisture, they don’t offer the easy installation or affordability of a laminate.

Accent... Vanities and Bathrooms
Bored with your vanity area or bathroom? Dress up the drab with a stunning accent wall made of wood-look flooring. It can be tricky to decorate rooms that experience a lot of dampness, but adding some laminate to the wall, creates a unique style that's easy to maintain.