It’s called luxury vinyl plank (LVP) for a reason; these days there’s no reason not to have the elegant look of real wood, even if your wallet says no.

These days there are many choices of species, colors, and textures. It has a depth that makes it such a good mimic, it can be installed in any room, including the living/dining area, bedroom or library, actually, wherever you want. Here’s what vexes our flooring pros, though. Despite tons of information, and the fact that it’s called luxury for a reason, the flooring, a vinyl often cut into plank form, has all kinds of myths around them.

A+ Floors 4U wants to put an end to it for the homeowners in and around Houston.

No, they aren’t all alike! We all like to save money and those ultra-cheap, two rooms for the price of one ads can be very seductive, but that’s myth #1. Quality is determined by two things: Appearance and durability. High definition photography, texture and depth affect the appearance; when corners are cut, the image will be less realistic, and there will be no luxury.

Thickness matters when it comes to vinyl as flooring; it affects the durability of planks. The top layer, especially, is what should be a thick clear plastic wear layer; it makes it stain, scratch and waterproof and impossible to walk off the image.

Other myths include:

● It’s not a do-it-yourself installation. Yes, there will always be people, like me, who need it professionally installed, because they just aren’t very good at it. But LVP is a floating installation (meaning that, with few exceptions, can be installed directly over another one), and the pieces click and lock together.
● Price is the only reason to purchase it. No way! Since it’s waterproof, it can be installed in places where hardwood can’t, because of damage caused by moisture; and the area around Houston can be pretty hot and humid, with tropical storms.. That includes the bathroom. It’s also a little more flexible than other hard surfaces, which makes it more comfortable to stand on for long periods, such as cooking. It’s also one of the most recommended installations for homes with children, because it ultra-durable and spills and stain-resistant.
● It’s ultra-cheap. True, it’s less expensive than hardwood, but you get what you pay for. Go for the best.

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