Often in our Katy, TX showroom, our A+ Floors 4U on-site pros answer a ton of questions regarding the pros and cons of each surfacing. Today, if you're curious about what to know about laminate flooring, we have four reasons why it's such a great surfacing material. So, whether you're considering a potential redesign for your kitchen, or a full renovation of your home, you may want to read these facts about laminate flooring.

Reason #1 - It's Extremely Affordable
For many homeowners, exotic hardwood species or authentic slate is simply out of the question due to cost. Luckily, nowadays, several alternatives are equally gorgeous, some perfect imitations of the "real deal!" For instance, if you've always been a die-hard fan of Tigerwood, but are moved to tears at how much it will cost to redo your home with it, then consider an equally alluring hand scraped look. Not only is the option more affordable, but it's also as stunning as authentic hardwood.

Reason #2 - It's Very Durable
Undoubtedly, when you spend your hard-earned cash on something, you're expecting it to last a while, whatever it may be. The same goes for surfacing materials. In a house full of teetering toddlers and furry pets, you need a material that will stand up to muddy paws and Kool-Aid spills. In fact, in the end, the last thing you want, is to have to treat your new hard surfacing with kid gloves to avoid scratches or dents. With durable laminate, there's no need to flinch every time your little ones drag their toys across the living room floor!

Reason #3 - It's Easy to Install
Some homeowners look for a surfacing that's easy to install, because they're experienced DIYers. Look no further! And, the best part about this is, there's no need to worry about sanding, staining, and finishing!

Reason #4 - Appealing Aesthetics
Go ahead, look up the latest laminate flooring trends in 2018, you'll quickly see why this surfacing is a big hit right now. In the aesthetics department, many people are opting for this surfacing, because it comes in so many hot designs, patterns, and gorgeous colors.