The Texas Panhandle is no stranger to tropical storms, heat and humidity, but with vinyl, cut into plank form, your flooring you can have all the elegance of wood, but without those vexing water concerns.  

After all, who needs that?

Vinyl comes in sheet form, cut into a plank, or even cut to tile-sized pieces (called luxury vinyl tile, or LVT.) It’s a layered product, with an underlayment that protects against moisture;  a core; an image layer that, thanks to high definition photography is completely realistic; and a top clear plastic wear layer that not only makes it a waterproof flooring, but also one that’s ultra-strong, this means that there's no way can  “walk off” the image.

Why it’s so popular in Houston

  1. It is fashionable, not the vinyl product you remember from decades ago, when it was mainly an economy product.  Over the years, and because of modern technology, it has evolved into a stylish product with a large assortment of colors and species, as well as textures, to give it additional realism, richness and depth.

Love the trending white and light gray floors?  You can easily have that look, so give your kitchen a farmhouse style if you want.  

Wide planks are also “in” right now, because 1) they’re large enough to really show off a floor and its raised grains and knots, and 2) there are fewer seems so it looks like it just flows, and that’s especially good if you have an open plan layout.

  1. It’s completely waterproof and super strong--it’s that top layer, so bring on the rain, humidity, kids, pets and foot traffic.
  2. Easy-to-care-for.  Sweep, damp mop and use a manufacturer-approved soap.
  3. It’s easy to install.  Unlike some materials that require subfloor prep work, vinyl is a floating installation, and a plank just snaps together with the others. When you put it down over existing flooring, be sure the base is clean and dry of course. You don’t need to live only in Houston to love that!

If you have more about vinyl plank or our other flooring options (carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, glass tile, stone and cork), come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX.