At A+ Floors 4U, we’re so convinced that you’ll want to choose vinyl plank flooring for your next renovation, that we’ve come up with the following four reasons why you should come to our Katy, TX showroom, and check out our samples! Still think nothing quite compares to hardwood in Houston? Well, take a few minutes to read through our list, because you may very well end up considering this fine, sleek alternative.

1 – It’s incredibly attractive
If you haven’t already, stop by our Katy, TX showroom and check out our amazing vinyl plank flooring samples. At that point, you’ll undoubtedly notice two things: The vast assortment of design options, and the unbelievable likeness to hardwood. And, just like hardwood, you can get vinyl plank flooring in various attractive textures, such as hand-scraped and glossy, so you can get chameleon-like materials for your renovation.

2 – It’s a quick, easy install
If you’re a big DIYer, then you’ll love this hard surfacing option, as it’s incredibly quick and easy to install. But if you’re not that handy with a hammer, don’t worry, we’ll be more than happy to help you find an excellent installation crew at A+ Floors 4U.

3 – It’s ultra durable
Whether you have a busy household with pets and kids, or a relatively quiet home, you’ll no doubt want surfacing that’s ultra durable. Luckily, vinyl plank flooring is very tough, able to withstand scratching, denting, and scuffing. Top that off with water resistance, and you’re sure to have these floors for years to come.

4 – It’s super cost-effective
When comparing vinyl plank flooring with the cost of installing hardwood, you may be blown away at the price difference. Even if we’re talking about the most expensive vinyl plank flooring versus the least expensive hardwood, you’re still looking at about a 66% price difference. The bigger the room, obviously, the bigger the savings, assuming you opt for vinyl planks!