It's not every day that you replace the flooring in your house. For most people, it's an infrequent and often confusing event. It's a huge investment in your home and you want to be sure that you make the right choice, because there really aren't any take-backs once the deed is done.

Every day here at A+ Floors 4U, we get customers asking all sorts of questions and lately, we've noticed a lot of interest in laminate flooring. It seemed to us that people don't know very much about this type of flooring, so we had our flooring experts put together a list of answers to common questions to help our customers understand it better. This is what to know about laminate flooring:

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is an engineered flooring material that is constructed by bonding various materials together under high heat and pressure. Most laminate floors are made by layering high-density fiberboard over a water-resistant core layer. Then, a high-resolution wood grain image is applied over that to create the look of natural hardwood or stone. To finish off the process, various protective coatings are applied to the image layer to protect it from wear and tear.

One of the misunderstood facts about laminate flooring is that it is made, in some part, of actual hardwood. This is because many people tend to confuse laminate flooring with engineered hardwood flooring. Laminate is almost completely synthetic, whereas engineered hardwood is made from natural wood.

Are There Advantages to Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood?

The major advantage laminate has over natural hardwood is the price. Not everyone can afford the initial investment of a hardwood floor, but would still like to have the look of a hardwood floor. For these people, laminate flooring is a perfect compromise of aesthetics and economy.

Many of the laminate flooring trends of 2017 follow similar lines as the trends in hardwood flooring, because people know they can achieve all of the hottest new looks without the sticker shock.

Where Can it Be Installed?

One of the great things about laminate flooring is that it can be installed virtually anywhere. Above grade, below grade, over concrete, and even on stairs. It's easily one of the most versatile floor coverings out there!

Now That You Know What to Know About Laminate Flooring...

..maybe you'd like to learn more! If you are interested in laminate flooring in Katy, TX, why not call, email, or stop in at our showroom in Katy, TX to have a look around? Our staff is always on hand to answer any other questions you may have about any type of flooring out there! We also have the expertise to help you choose the flooring solutions that are best for your home, and even better for your budget!