Over the past few years, vinyl plank flooring has become quite popular. Mostly, this is due to its cost-effectiveness in terms of price, combined with materials that are highly durable. As you can imagine, because of these two main factors, this hard surfacing option is well-liked by both homeowners and contractors. If you’re about to undergo a renovation and have limited funds, then you may want to get to know a bit more about this superb surfacing.
•The most preferred cut of vinyl plank flooring are slats, but there is also tile and sheet versions available on the market.
•To avoid choosing the wrong kind of material, it’s always a good idea to speak to showroom experts, and discuss the type of project you need the surfacing for. The appearance of the slats and shape of the space plays a big part in what vinyl plank flooring you should opt for.
•Generally, the tile version is attached to the floor with a strong adhesive. Another option tile comes in is the peel-and-stick variety. If you choose one of the types, you’re assured adherence and durability. However, though the task may sound relatively easy to carry out yourself, ideally you should hire pros that have done this kind of work before.
•As it is manufactured in traditional slats, vinyl plank flooring comes with many advantages. An interlocking system, typical of these kinds of slats, ensures a flat surface and a tight installation.
•Ever-loved for its much-favored wood-look appearance, which is often mistaken for authentic wood, slats also come in other popular styles that would look great in any room.
•Consider your renovation project in order to understand which version would be ideal for your home. In smaller spaces, tile may be best. Yet, in larger places, you may want to go with slats.
•Again, as with most installations, it’s always a smart move to hire professionals. Especially for vinyl plank flooring which can require a little more skill in terms of a customized, uniform appearance.
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