If you’re living in the Houston area and are undergoing a renovation in your home, have you considered adding some vinyl plank flooring to the mix? Modern, technologically advanced, and attractive, vinyl plank flooring cane add some one-of-a-kind charm to any interior space. While it is now quite popular for Houston homeowners, this unique hard surfacing is still relatively unknown to many. As such, A+ Floors 4 U and our Katy, TX showroom professionals, would like to take this opportunity to discuss a few of the top features of vinyl plank flooring.
Modern look for a modern era
Sure, there are plenty of surfacing options that have stood the test of time. But for a modern era, why not try a material that’s new-age? Something that gives you a fresh start, with an appearance that brings you into the here-and-now? That’s exactly what vinyl plank flooring provides: Exciting new possibilities for homeowners.
Technologically advanced like no other
As it is relatively new on the market, vinyl plank flooring is manufactured using the latest technological advancements. What does that mean, exactly, you may wonder? Well, in essence, we’re talking about premium water-resistant capabilities, photo-finish superficial layers, and top coats that are ultra-durable. When you want something that won’t let you down, you want vinyl plank flooring.
Design that outshines
When it comes to design, nothing outshines this hard surfacing. This is where this material is truly in its element, as it is designed with chameleon-like properties. That means, you can get these slats in any look you want, from exotic wood imitation, to ceramic, to wire-brushed. As such, you essentially have the opportunity to get the style you prefer at a fraction of the cost of the original material. A less expensive alternative to hardwood? A cheaper way to get that ceramic look? Yes, indeed, that’s what we’re talking about, and it’s all thanks to vinyl plank flooring.