“Would vinyl plank flooring work well?” asks Houston homeowners
Yes, and here’s why it’s such a favorite among Houston residents: It is completely waterproof, so it’s not at all bothered by moisture and humidity, for which laundry rooms are well-known.
It’s just as much a part of the house as the living or dining room, but it’s often seen as an afterthought. “It’s just a room with the washer and dryer,” many rationalize, “and we often close the door anyway, so who cares?”
Umm, not great thinking. First, this is not the vinyl surface we remember from decades ago, and we can thank technology for that. The photographic images are clear and precise, and texturing gives the flooring depth and dimension, no more flat images! Second, when cut into planks (and, yes, you can get it cut into wide plank, so popular right now) it’s such a realistic mimic of real wood that many have a hard time deciding which is which!
It will give the house some cohesion, so no worries if you forget to close the door. Actually, we know someone whose laundry room is off the dining room; both areas have wood or wood-look floors, so it all coordinates and flows seamlessly.
Just more reasons to love it…
●Durability. It withstands heavy foot traffic and, in fact, vinyl plank is often recommended for the kids’ room. Make no mistake: It’s a more comfortable, less rigid flooring to stand on, good for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals.
Not only is this vinyl waterproof, but the flooring has a hard, clear plastic wear layer on top that resists scratches. Spills and stains wipe right up and, of course, the plank cut gives it that warm, chic look of wood.
●Easy to care for. This is something anyone, whether from Houston or elsewhere, likes. Just run a broom or dust mop over it several times a week (preferably daily), and mop it with a manufacturer-approved soap.
●Budget-friendly. Finally, the flooring is less expensive than some others. There is really no sub-floor preparation required, so installation can be a DIY project, the vinyl pieces can just click together. No need to replace the entire floor, just the damaged plank.
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