My friend is a designer of luxury interiors; in fact, it’s not unusual to see some of her work in publications like Architectural Digest or World of Interiors.

When it came to her own home, however, she chose laminate flooring, explaining that with kids, a dog and her frequent entertaining, she needs something known for durability; in fact, she said, it’s often recommended for kids, since it’s so scratch-resistant.

It also appeals to her sense of fashion, because it offers such a realistic look of stone or tile, with a large assortment of colors, patterns and designs that can really get those creative juices flowing.

A lover of hardwood, she’s partial to and those exceptional grey or white oak wood-look laminates that are even available in textures, such as hand scraped, wire-brushed and distressed, to make it look even more realistic.

Texture she noted, is going to be a big trend for stylish laminate landings in 2019.

There are some things you can do to make your installation even more successful, so A+ Floors 4U of Katy, TX, one of the largest flooring retailers in that state’s Panhandle, offers some suggestions.

Know the Difference Between Water-Resistant and Waterproof Statements

This flooring type is water-resistant and, while that means it’s made with materials that can stand up to liquid, it’s not 100 percent impervious to it. So here’s what you need to know: Wipe up spills immediately, and if a room is prone to flooding because of leaky pipes, you may want to think a little harder before putting it down there.

Also, know that it’s a laminate myth that it doesn’t need to be acclimated, because it’s very much affected by humidity. In fact, when it’s over 60 percent, it expands; less than 30 and it shrinks. You can easily avoid this by laying the pieces out next to each other, but with enough space so they can breathe, for at least 48 hours in the room in which you plan to place it.

Our flooring pro can tell you more. Still have questions? Feel free to come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX, and we’ll be happy to address any concern you may have.