What in the world could laminate flooring and guitar playing have in common?

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Plenty, says A+ Floors 4 U! Both guitar playing and laminate flooring:

● Raise moods. We know a musician who automatically turns to his guitar when he’s feeling anxious because it calms and focuses him, especially when he’s writing a new song. We know yet another person, a veterinarian, who plays his guitar to animals to calm them during hospital visits, storms, and other traumatic incidents.

As for laminate flooring, the images these days are so precise (thanks to high technology) that you can feel like you’re in outdoors, surrounded by stone and wood. If that’s not a feeling of abundance, nothing is--and that makes people feel happy, and gives them an overall sense of well-being.

● Reveal hidden talents. We all know how learning guitar does this, but you never have to worry or stifle your kids because laminate flooring is so easy to clean, so let their imaginations run wild! Let the kids make up games by dragging the pull-toys, and let them create and color with markers and crayons, because none of these things phase laminate flooring. It’s also not as hard as some other flooring types, so you don’t need to worry about hard-falls, so let the kids jump or do whatever they do.
● Escape anxiety: Create your peaceful sanctuary by surrounding yourself with woods, foliage, and other items from nature. Only, they’re not outside but, rather, inside and on your floor.
● Stress Relief: Since laminate flooring doesn’t give you sticker shock that, alone, will reduce stress--not to mention you won’t have to keep feeling that heart tug when you desire hardwood or stone, but your wallet says no.
● Create new goals: The flooring sets the overall design of the room. So select your pattern and make it a goal to design the rest of the room.

A+ Floors 4 U has had the same ownership for over 16 years. It serves Katy, TX and the surrounding area with a large inventory that includes carpet, hardwood, tile, glass tile, laminate, stone, luxury vinyl, vinyl,and cork.