Are you looking to breathe some new life into your home, but are discouraged because you think it’s too expensive, or hard to install?

Good news, and luxury is the key word here, because that’s exactly what your home will experience. This vinyl looks remarkably like a hardwood plank, at a fraction of the cost of wood, with an easy floating installation.

Once thought of as an economy flooring, but now a luxury one, vinyl has really evolved over the years, thanks to modern technology. High definition photography makes each plank look like wood species, complete with an assortment of colors and textures that make it even more realistic.

Because it’s waterproof, it’s the idea way to add some luxury to wet spaces like bathrooms. We also know that cities like Houston, or its suburb, Katy, are no strangers to tropical-like storms.

It’s so stylish, though, don’t make wet spaces your only reason for choosing it. Bedrooms, living and dining areas also need some affordable luxury, with something that looks like hardwood, but is really vinyl in the form of a plank.

How durable is it?
Very, and that’s because of a commercial-grade top clear wear layer. For that reason, it’s also a favorite of high-end offices, restaurants and other facilities.

Yes, this creates the look of luxury and elegance, but it is ideal for those heavily-trafficked areas in the home, and is one of the most pet-friendly flooring materials.

This vinyl is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about spills or toppled water dishes on the planks. Two, it’s easy to clean and maintain; just sweep and mop with a manufacturer-approved soap. Three, it’s a lot softer and more flexible than other hard surfaces. If your pet’s a senior, he or she will appreciate that comfort!

Can I install it myself?
Sure, it can be a DIY installation.

With a few exceptions, you can install it right over another flooring type (no need to rip anything up), and the pieces lock, click or glue. Even cement floors are okay, as long as their dry.

For some inspiration, come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX in the heart of Houston’s Sugarland.