One of the most basic and attractive facts about laminate flooring is that it is extremely versatile. Modern printing and imaging techniques have made it one of the most cost-effective and attractive ways to achieve the look of just about any flooring material out there. For now, we are just going to stick to wood look laminate and how it can be used to create specific aesthetics in your home.

Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you capture the ambiance of three distinct styles using this versatile material.

Beach House

Who doesn't love the bright, fresh atmosphere of a cozy beach house? If you're the type of person who wants a breezy, open feeling you get at the beach in your home year-round, you can easily achieve that by choosing the right floor.

White planks that are long and thin are the hallmark of the beach house aesthetic. When paired with beachy paraphernalia and found objects such as shells, glass bobbers, or even thick rope, you can capture the feeling of a day at the beach every day.

You'll also want to employ wooden furniture and cabinetry that has a sort of washed out, driftwood look. Think light grays and watered down whites. If you really want to go the whole nine yards, get some reclaimed wood molding to really drive the coastal aesthetic home.

Rustic Cottage

If you're looking for more of a mountain lodge or cabin in the woods aesthetic, your best bet is going to be hand scraped wood style flooring. The hand scraped look was one of the major laminate flooring trends of 2017, because people seem to be returning to nostalgia over the past few years.

To really capture the look and feel of a rustic lodge or cottage, try to employ a brown, gold, and white color scheme. You might also consider floral accents to add a bit of extra country charm.

Modern Elegance

In stark contrast to the move toward more rustic and nostalgic styles we have witnessed over the past few years, there has also been a trend toward the ultra-modern. Many people achieve this look by employing very dark floors. We're talking deep grays and even as far as jet blacks.

If you decide on a deep black floor, you're going to want to decorate around it by employing mid-dark gray colors with occasional white accents. If you opt for a darker gray floor, you will want to use a lot of black or white as your main colors. Whichever you choose as your main color, black or white, be sure to use the other for accents.

Want to Learn More?

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