So, you ask, what to know about laminate flooring? One of the biggest facts about laminate flooring, if not the biggest fact, is that it isn’t the stuff we remember from the floors of hospitals, medical offices, schools and office facilities.

It also isn’t the floor we remember from decades ago.

Here’s what else you want to know about laminate flooring: It is, indeed, used as a design tool, and even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get the floor to complement some of the latest and hottest trends. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and can even include special features like textures, to make it even more realistic.

You can also get it cut in tile-sized pieces or planks of any size to mimic stone or wood.  This can really rev up the laminate flooring creativity in your Katy, TX home.

First, Know the Difference Between a Trend and a Fad

Trends can last for years or even decades. There’s strong analyzation and a lot of research behind them, to be sure the trend aligns with current buyer demands. It’s safe to say a trend is just an updated classic. They become the influencers.

A fad is like a knee-jerk reaction, something someone just dreamed up, and is very short-lived; an example would be those pet rocks or mood stones.

Laminate Flooring to Compliment Home Decorating Trends in 2018

There are two you really need to keep an eye on, and you can certainly get them with this material.

  • The first any shade of grey in a wood floor. People love light grey, especially for that cottage look ,or the darker shades to coordinate with bold colors like reds and oranges. Thanks to modern technology, it’s amazingly realistic and there are even textures to make it more realistic. Speaking of textures, that’s another big trend this year.

A+ Floors 4U also has a look that resembles reclaimed wood; reclaimed wood is the floor pulled up from closed factories and offices. It’s totally unique, with no two pieces being alike.  All shades of grey wood are popular, and that’s expected to last for some time.  

You can get laminate to look like any one of these.

  • Vibrant colors, mixed and matched, have been popular for some time.  Get laminate cut as tiles, and create your own design.

Need more ideas? The experts at A+ Floors 4U will be happy to help you, so feel free to come into our showroom in Katy, TX.