Vinyl plank flooring is an excellent option for more challenging spaces. Whether it's heavy traffic, muddy messes, occasional water spills or slight humidity, these tricky conditions require a special kind of flooring – and vinyl plank is certainly durable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean choice. If you're wondering what rooms would be most suitable for this installation, here is a list of areas that would benefit the most from vinyl plank flooring in Houston.

Laundry room

Just imagine how much more attractive your laundry room will be with stylish plank flooring. Not only can you get an impressive wood-look installation, but it's also waterproof! Say goodbye to other styles you didn't like, because now, you can pick from a vast array of lovely designs.


Give your entryway a more welcoming feel with vinyl floors. When visitors come over, they’ll appreciate the stylish upgrade. But aside from the lovely new look, you’ll also benefit from its waterproof capabilities. Kids forgot to take off their muddy boots? You'll quickly find out how much easier vinyl floors can make your life!


One of the busiest areas in the house is, of course, the kitchen. Yet, when you install an easy-to-clean surfacing, you suddenly get stress-free flooring. Get an instant, stunning redesign for that area with attractive lookalike options. Wood, stone, and tile are just a few designs you can have in your kitchen, so you can get a natural look that needs minimal upkeep.

Visit our vinyl plank flooring retailer in Houston

When it comes down to it, a vinyl plank installation can work in any room, not merely challenging spaces. Nonetheless, it certainly offers an affordable, charming solution for areas that do experience some amount of water or humidity. If you’re still not sure this type of surfacing is right for your upcoming project, then come speak to our A+ Floors 4U showroom professionals in Katy, TX. They’ll be happy to provide you with any further information you may require, be it on vinyl or any other type of flooring in-store. Serving the Katy and Richmond, TX areas for many years, A+ Floors 4U is ready to help you with your renovation.