There are so many options available when choosing flooring for your home, that vinyl plank flooring may get overlooked altogether. However, it’s become a very popular material on the market, especially in areas that are often known for high humidity content such as bathrooms and kitchens. It’s just as popular for other spaces in the home as well, including living rooms and bedrooms, thanks to its gorgeous appearance and flexible functionality. It’s truly a multi-talented material that could possibly fit every space you need floored.
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Vinyl Plank Flooring You Can Appreciate
Homeowners in Houston know the importance of the wood-look in flooring, and can greatly appreciate the fact that vinyl plank flooring comes in actual planks. At the same time, you can also appreciate the fact that they are resilient, as well. You have to admit, having a resilient product that has a better look and feel than ever before, can be both beneficial and awesome.
Vinyl plank flooring usually features planks that are 36 and 28 inches long, with few exceptions. As to widths, they generally come in six-inch widths, but the product can be found at 7 ¾ inches wide as well. You’ll also love the deep, rich embossing that makes it look very similar to the real thing.
Manufacturers strive for as authentic a look to these pieces as possible. In addition to the amazing embossing, you’ll also find finishes that appear heavily distressed, scratched, or even full of nail holes. The thicker the planks, the better and more realistic these appearances will be.