When planning for an upcoming renovation, it’s essential to consider a great many things. Firstly, what will you use the room for? Is it a space that requires special features? Will children be using this room? Is water or humidity a concern? These are just a few of the questions you should think about before choosing your flooring. Since not all floors are alike, it’s important to narrow down exactly what you want from your installation.

If safety is an issue and you’re worried about kids, pets or seniors slipping, then you may wonder what floors would be most ideal for your home. As one of the most popular installations nowadays, luxury vinyl planks may seem like a possible option. But, are these planks anti-slip? That’s a question we’re going to cover right now!

Is vinyl plank flooring in Houston slippery or not?

As one of the best materials currently manufactured in the flooring industry, you'll be relieved to know that vinyl plank flooring in Houston is anti-slip. It all comes down to the durable, resin-coated and textured surface, making it a non-slip solution for households that need the added protection. As the vinyl surface is mostly made of a substance very similar to rubber, it offers natural anti-slip properties. Thus, vinyl plank flooring in Houston is ideal for areas prone to moisture exposure, homes with pets and children, and busy spaces in general – all places you don't want to worry about slipping!

But what if I just love the look of hardwood?

Believe it or not, that's not a problem at all! As it is manufactured in a wide range of lovely appearances – hardwood lookalike being one of them – you can choose vinyl plank flooring in Houston that looks just like hardwood. Vinyl planks come in other styles too, such as stone, granite, and even tile. As such, this type of floor can be especially advantageous in locations that need slip protection, without giving up the attractive appearance. And, thanks to its hard-wearing surface layer, you're assured a very sturdy, extra-tough installation that can handle moisture exposure and high traffic.

Vinyl plank flooring retailer in Houston

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