Here at A+ Floors 4U, we get a lot of questions about laminate flooring. So, we thought it might be a good idea to offer our customers a quick FAQ with some of the more commonly asked questions that we receive about this particular type of flooring.

How Should I Clean My Laminate Flooring?

• Be sure to frequently sweep the floor with a soft bristle broom to avoid the buildup of gritty dirt that can abrade you floor and compromise its integrity and luster

• When mopping, avoid excess moisture. Use a damp mop head or soft micro fiber cloth. Dry the floor with a soft dry towel.

• Be sure to blot up any excess moisture from water that has been tracked into the house or spilled on the floor with a soft towel, paper towel, or sponge. Never allow moisture to sit on the floor for very long.

• Do not use soap based detergents on your floor. Avoid any abrasive cleaners or combination "clean/shine" chemicals.

• Do not use scouring pads or abrasive steel wool to clean your floor. It will scratch it up and ruin the protective coatings.

• Never polish or wax your laminate flooring.

• Never clean the floor using steam cleaning or chemicals, as you may ruin your floor completely.

How Much Cutting Waste Can I expect?

You can generally expect a loss of 7-10% due to various causes such as improper cuts, damage from the installation process, and general human error.

Is There Anything I Should Do to prepare for Installation?

It is a good idea to acclimate your materials to the temperature of the room they will be installed in. Simply let them hang out in that room for about 48 hours before installing. You will want to make sure that your room is kept at around 64F, and that you have a floor temp of around 59F. These temperatures should be maintained before and during the installation, as well as for three days following the installation.

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed on Steps?

Yes, but there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to ensure a quality installation. Use common wood glue to glue the planks, and nails to hold the transitions and the moldings.

Can Scratches and Nicks Be Repaired?

Most flooring stores sell a laminate floor repair paste that can be used to repair minor damage such as this.


Well, there you have it, a quick and dirty rundown of the most commonly asked questions about laminate flooring. Obviously, this simple little FAQ doesn't cover all of the questions that you might have about this product, so we would like to encourage you to call or stop by our showroom in Katy, TX if you have any other questions you may need answered.