Woot! Katy, TX does it again! Rise Communities, a (Katy, TX) Cane Island Developer, won Texas Association Builder of the Year Award. It was presented at the association’s 2017 Star Awards Program, part of the Sunbelt Builders Show in Dallas.

“When the top minds in home construction and real estate development give you a thumbs up, that’s certainly speaks volumes for the quality of our work,” said Dan Naef, president of Rise Communities to Katy News. Source: www.thekatynews.com by Katy News.com
So what’s the star of your HOME? If you’re looking for your home’s gem, think of laminate flooring, at A+ Floors 4U.

Laminate flooring is the perfect option if your heart wants hardwood or stone, but your budget does not. Today’s modern technology and high resolution photography make it look remarkably similar to hardwood, stone, or tile. Today, there are so many colors and finishes, you can get a hardwood look down even to the wood species! There are texture options and you can even get a hand-scraped look to give it that distressed finish. Honestly, even the experts sometimes have difficulty telling the difference.

Laminate flooring is:
• Durable: Both the strong outer layer AND resin protect laminate flooring from scratches and those “dropsies”--you know, when pots, pans and heavy items like weights can fall on it. Pets and kids are NO match for laminate flooring!
• Forget about stains, fades, and dents: Let’s not forget about moisture; while water is hardwood’s enemy, it’s no problem for laminate.
• Easy to clean: Damp mop or sweep. For more thorough cleaning, use a microfiber mop and gentle soap. No waxy products that promote shine are needed (or wanted).
• Environmentally friendly: Laminate flooring is made from wood and wood by-products. No rare trees or endangered species are ever harvested.
• Affordable: Laminate flooring is a fraction of the cost of hardwood.
• Perfect for the kids’ room or playroom. While laminate flooring looks like hardwood, tile, or stone, it doesn’t have that same hard surface, so it’s a safer choice. Because it’s so durable, laminate flooring stands up to pull toys, crayons, markers, and all the things that can hurt other flooring types.

A+ Floors 4U carries a large inventory of flooring types, including tile, glass tile, hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, vinyl sheet, and cork. A + Floors 4U has been servicing Richmond, Katy, TX and surrounding cities for over 16 years.