If you're about to undergo a major home renovation, be it a bathroom makeover, kitchen redesign, or bedroom update, you may have realized that your surfacing also needs a breath of fresh air. As such, our A+ Floors 4U showroom pros in Katy, TX would like you to consider one of our all-time popular selections: Gray laminate flooring. In Katy, TX, homeowners are opting for the sleek look it assures, as the modern style is presently the latest interior design trend. So, let’s go over a few facts about gray laminate flooring, and discuss why this trend may be here to stay.

An Excellent Canvas for Decorating
Believe it or not, the color gray is an ideal shade for interior design. This hue displays your furnishings and décor without providing a color that overpowers the items in a room, acting as a blank canvas if you will. Yet, the wonderful feature about this option is the fact that it is neither void of color, nor a boring hue. Rather, it’s a tone that’s visually appealing, although it does not dictate the style of a home. Undoubtedly, this is why interior designers rave about this particular shade. 

A Sophisticated, Sleek Atmosphere
Sophisticated and sleek, the color gray carries a certain charisma, a modern charm that other shades often lack. Perhaps, this explains why it’s such a popular tone right now. For homeowners who have modern furniture, it’s essential to purchase surfacing that’s equally modern in appearance. Couple your cool, minimalist furniture and abstract décor with rustic wood, and that contemporary appeal just isn’t there. As such, gray is quintessential to the modern look, and there’s simply no denying it!

Tone it Down or Crank it Up!
The last thing you may want to know about laminate flooring, specifically the gray kind, is that you can easily “tone down” or “crank up” the style and feel of a room. Basically, stick to all-neutral colors if you want to make a space appear tranquil, or add a fun splash of color to crank up a room’s personality. Either way, with gray as a backdrop, any style elements blend in wonderfully, producing a beautiful display of your home’s unique character.