Recently, a survey ranked Katy, TX as one of the best for family living! Published by the HomeUnion Research Services, results were based on such criterion as schools and home prices.

To read: by Dennis Spellman.

You know what kind of flooring is also family-friendly? Laminate flooring and you can find it at A+ Floors 4U in Katy, TX.

These days, there are many patterns and colors to choose from. Thanks to technology, even the laminate that mimics hardwood, porcelain or stone, looks so real that even a lot of “experts” can have difficulty telling the difference.

Kids are wonderful, but let’s face it. Nothing is off limits. Walls, floors, even furniture are all up for grabs for scratches, dents, scuff marks, crayon markers, spills, stains and more. For the kids’ rooms, laminate flooring is the ideal choice, because it’s durable and scratch-resistant. Pull toys with sharp edges don’t have a chance!

Don’t worry about lipstick, crayons, or markers, either, because nothing--and we mean nothing--can’t be easily wiped off. Just use a damp cloth and some nail polish remover, or white vinegar and voila, all gone! By the way, don’t use a lot of water, or it’ll get between the planks and tiles; don’t use too much soap, because it can leave residue and dull the shine. And, never use one of those waxy cleaners that promote “shine.”

The best part is that you’ll never have to replace the entire laminate flooring (unless you want to) because laminate also comes in planks and tiles. So if something is so damaged that you need to replace it, just remove the broken-beyond-repair piece.

If your kid is allergy-prone, no worries! Dust simply can’t hide; just vacuum, or dry-mop on a regular basis.

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