No doubt, hardwood floors are gorgeous, but submerge them in water and it quickly becomes, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Do we ever have a flooring type for you: Vinyl plank.

A+ Floors 4U, one of the biggest flooring retailers in the Houston area (showroom is in Katy, TX) is going to tell you why it’s such an ideal flooring. The sales staff will tell you that all vinyl, but especially vinyl plank, is becoming the flooring of choice, not just for those high moisture rooms, but also for dens, bedrooms, foyers, etc.

If Vinyl Plank Flooring Could Talk….It Would Say ‘Don’t Worry About Water!”
That’s because it’s one of the few flooring materials that’s completely waterproof. Since water and excess moisture can damage wood floors by causing warping, it’s not recommended for certain rooms, such as the bathroom, laundry room, or below grade, such as basements. You can even put it in laundry rooms. However, vinyl plank can go anywhere.

Like anything else, you need to treat it with care, so it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wipe up spills immediately, or that it’s fine to submerge in water. You don’t want water to seep in between the seams where it can do some damage.

Vinyl Plank Flooring: The Ultimate in Stylish Savings
Actually, vinyl flooring, in and of itself, is a hot trend right now. We can thank modern technology, and high definition photography, for that one. It looks incredibly similar to natural materials, like wood, but you’re going to spend a lot less than you would pay for hardwood.

Want to ride the “gray flooring is hot” train in your farmhouse-style kitchen, but concerned because you have pipes that tend to leak? Not a problem, you can get it with vinyl plank.

To use a well-worn clique, ‘You get what you pay for’, so please don’t fall for those rock-bottom two-for-one advertisements you might see. Thicker is better--and you really can’t go thin if you want distressed, antique or otherwise textures, because you’ll just end up with a lot of nail holes, not to mention quality, such as photography, will suffer if it’s ultra-cheap.

Feel free to come into the Katy, TX showroom at A+ Floors 4U, to learn about this incredible flooring called vinyl plank. Katy, as you probably know, is just outside of Houston.