At A+ Floors 4U, we like to remind our friends that there are people out there who will cheat and steal from you, without thinking twice about it. This is important to us, because many of these crooks prey on homeowners, tricking them out of the money for certain types of home improvement work. While not as prevalent now as it once was, there was a time when non-professionals would offer to install carpet, hardwood, or laminate flooring at very cheap rates, collect the money upfront, and then vanish, or perform such poor workmanship that the homeowner had to call in a pro to fix what these scammers left behind.

In a recent story, we learned that six people were arrested by federal authorities on a 32-count indictment. They were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, theft of public money and conspiracy to do so as well as aggravated identity theft. Here is a bit of that story:

“KATY, TX -- FBI and local law enforcement officers raided a home in Katy early this morning and arrested six people who were allegedly involved in an identity theft scheme to steal money from personal accounts, and filing false tax returns to collect refunds. Authorities conducted the raid on the home about 6 a.m. Wednesday on a home at the intersection of Lemonmint Meadow Drive and Purple Cornflower Trail.”


We always encourage our customers who are buying new carpet, hardwood, or laminate flooring, to hire only professional installers who have both experience and expertise with this type of work. We want everyone who buys new flooring to have the best results, and that is one reason why we only hire the best installers in town. Our customers in Katy, TX love the fact that we can install their new flooring to very high standards, thus removing any worry they may have about bad results.

It is important to remember that no matter what type of new flooring system you buy, be it hardwood, carpeting, or laminate flooring, your warranty depends upon the flooring being installed correctly. If non-professionals do the work, you certainly risk losing your warranty protection if those folks do not follow the manufacturer's installation requirements. You never have to take that chance when you allow us to install your new floors.

If you are in the market for quality, affordable carpeting, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, and you also want the best installation services, come by and see us at A+ Floors 4U in Katy, TX.