Are you confused about how to clean your laminate flooring? Do you worry about unintentionally damaging your floors? There's no need to panic, because A+ Floors 4U has come up with this helpful list of the top 5 advantages to using microfiber mops on laminate. Why microfiber mops, you may ask? Simply put, they're easier to use than sponge or string mops and, overall, they do a better job.

1) Microfiber is Best for Laminate Flooring
Since they require less water, microfiber mops make an ideal choice for cleaning laminate. Don't forget, laminate doesn't accommodate large amounts of water well, because that can cause the core-board to warp, thus damaging your floors. Microfiber mops hold less water, making them a safer option.

2) Microfiber Won't Streak Laminate Flooring
Have you ever washed your floors with a sponge or string mop, only to be disappointed by the streaks left behind? By using a microfiber mop, you'll avoid unsightly hair, dust, and dirt streaks, as regular mops simply move gunk from one place to another.

3) Microfiber is a magnet for Dust and Pet Hair on Laminate Flooring
Skip the broom and just go straight to a microfiber mop, since it acts like a magnet, collecting dust bunnies, hairballs, and tufts of pet hair. With brooms, you always need to sweep the same area a few times to make sure everything was picked up.

4) Microfiber Makes for an Eco-Friendly Laminate Flooring Cleaner
How many Swiffer wipes does it take to clean your floors? With microfiber mops, there's no need to buy packs of cleaning wipes, creating unnecessary garbage. Since microfiber pads are reusable, you can use them over and over again, making them a great eco-friendly cleaning alternative.

5) Microfiber Mops are a Multifunctional Choice for Laminate Flooring
Use it dry, use it wet! Dry microfiber mops seamlessly replace brooms as they not only clean dust, but they also attract it like a magnet. On the wet side of things, there's no cleaner, more hygienic type of mop. Not only do you save money with a microfiber mop, but you also save time.

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