When you think of laminate flooring, does the idea of “value” come to mind? If not, perhaps it should, as these flooring systems offer a wealth of benefits and value is certainly one of them. At A+ Floors 4U in Katy, TX, we have been offering laminate floors to our customers for some time now, and we would like to share a few things that may be of interest to you.

When we think of value in flooring systems, we of course, think price. For the benefits we get with a particular system, do we also get fair pricing? With laminate, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, dollar-for-dollar, these systems are some of the most affordable on the market today. Homeowners can also save on installation charges, as many homeowners can install their new flooring themselves.

The idea of “value” continues as we think about the many choices homeowners have in terms of styles, color tones, and themes. The two most popular themes are the wood-look and the tile-look themes. The wood-look theme is especially popular, as it can bring the look of real hardwood flooring into your home at a fraction of the cost. We offer a great line of these flooring systems from famous name brands such as Mohawk, Tarkett, and Quick Step. You will find that within these lines are virtually any wood species you can imagine. From the light tones of birch, to the darker tones of mahogany, we have it all, right here.

And durability fills in our list of “value” assets that you get with quality laminate floors. These systems are designed and manufactured to be durable, tough, and easy to maintain. The protective surface coating resists a variety of common staining problems such as from spilled liquids. They are also dent-resistant from items such as dropped pots. And, when it comes to cleaning, a sweep and mop is all that is usually needed.

When you add all of these benefits up, you can see that laminate flooring is truly a “value” flooring system. Why not come by the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX today and see the wonders of laminate flooring for yourself?