Vinyl has come a long way, baby! Once thought of as mainly an economy flooring, modern technology has made it evolve into one of the most stylish flooring materials. Get it cut into plank form so it mimics wood, with an assortment of colors, species and even special features like texturing, that give it even more depth.
Unlike wood, however, this material is waterproof and undamaged by water.
Despite its popularity, myths still abound and we’d like to address them once and for all.
#Myth #1: It looks cheap and doesn’t have much style.
Answer:There are so many species and colors, with textures that make it look distressed, wire-brushed or antique. Even some “experts” have difficulty discerning the difference.
One word of caution, however: You get what you pay for, so don’t go for those bargain-basement prices. Corners will be cut, and quality is sure to suffer someplace.
Myth#2:You can “walk off” the image.
Answer:This flooring is a layered product, with the vinyl itself being super-strong. The top layer is a clear plastic wear layer that protects, so it’s almost impossible to scratch, scuff and dent the image, whether it’s plank or tile. It’s also completely waterproof, something stormy Houston will love.
Myth #3: This is just another name for laminate.
Answer:We hear this one a lot! They are two very different products. Luxury vinyl, whether in plank or tile form, has a vinyl core. Laminate has a wood core. While this flooring is waterproof, laminate, while highly water-resistant, can be damaged if moisture gets into the joints.
Myth #4: The image is just flat.
Answer:No! As previously mentioned, there are special features, such as texturing, so now the floor can have a lot of depth.
Myth#5:“If it’s a luxury product, it must be high maintenance.”
Answer:We hear that one a lot too, but it’s totally false. All you have to do is sweep with a soft brush, or damp mop with a manufacturer-approved soap.
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