Those are the types of cores. There are different categories of vinyl plank and your needs will determine the best flooring option for you, Houston.

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite (a combination of stone dust, plastics, and other composites).  This core is 100% waterproof and will not peel, buckle or ripple no matter how much water you pour on it.  It also resists fading, pet stains, odors, and mildew.

It is ultra-tough and has a thicker wear layer; in fact, it was once used mainly as commercial flooring because it can stand up to heavy foot traffic and abuse. With so many enhanced design options, including the plank mimicry, we’re seeing it more and more for residential use.  While all vinyl is more pliable than hard surfaces, this one does feel a little stiffer and more sturdy.

WPC stands for wood-plastic composite and it, too, is 100% waterproof, thicker and more durable.  The differences between that and SPC are subtle; the only real difference is that WPC is a little softer on the feet.

Both often come with an underlayment attached which adds more cushioning, blocks moisture, and reduces sound.  If yours doesn’t have an underlayment, ask the flooring retailer if you should have one.

Here’s what it comes down to

Since SPC and WPC are so similar, it’s going to depend upon personal preference.  Some people want a little more durability, while others just like that sturdier feeling.

Fashionable frugality

Whether you select SPC or WPC vinyl, you will always get the realistic look of wood, tile or stone.  Strips are cut, mounted on boards to look like a plank. Texturing features will always be available to give this flooring the raised grains, swirls and knots of the real thing.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy care:  In all cases, all it takes is a daily sweep and, periodically, a more thorough cleaning.
  • Easy installation:  This is a “floating” installation that means, with a few exceptions, the vinyl can be placed directly over any existing flooring. Each plank clicks together like a puzzle.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX; we service the Houston area.