From Houston to Katy, TX, our A+ Floors 4U showroom experts field a lot of calls concerning vinyl plank flooring; its affordability, upkeep, and ideal room placement. As it is a relatively new surfacing material, homeowners don’t quite know what to think of vinyl plank flooring. As such, our Katy, TX showroom professionals have come up with this quick, informative guide on one of today’s best surfacing options: Vinyl plank flooring. So, whether you’re considering installing it in your Houston kitchen, or Katy hallway, we’ve got all the info you need right here!
Without a doubt, this surfacing is extremely affordable, compared to other hard slat alternatives. And while the price is so low you may be convinced it’ll break apart within a few days, the exact opposite is true. Really, it all comes down to modern manufacturing, as technological advancements in the industry is what created this phenomenal material. In the end, don’t worry about its low price; it’s a tough, durable pick!
Available in quite possibly the widest selection of choices you’ve ever seen, vinyl plank flooring can make your dreams come true and turn your home into… well, whatever you want it to look like! That’s because of its chameleon-like appearance, mostly due to the photo-finish appearance in a superficial layer, right underneath the protective coating. Whatever style you prefer, wood, ceramic, distressed, wire-brushed, you can get it at a very affordable price with vinyl plank flooring.
As it comes in quite the selection of appearances, this surfacing option makes for a uniquely versatile renovation material. In truth, there really isn’t a location in the home where you shouldn’t install it. A great many people in Houston and Katy have it in their residences, from kitchens to living rooms to playrooms. Go ahead, put it anywhere, there’s no where it doesn’t go!
Easy to Clean
One of the wonderful features of vinyl plank flooring is its ease of maintenance. In fact, with a dry mop in your hands, sweeping dust is a cinch. Most surfacing material choices are also stain-resistant, so a quick clean with a damp mop will solve your dirty messes. Now, that’s easy to clean, for sure!