And you can have them all in your Houston home with vinyl flooring, especially when it’s cut into a plank.

How a plank is made

First, strips of vinyl are cut, then pasted on boards to mimic wood flooring. If you’re having trouble getting beyond the vinyl of decades past, this has come a long way, thanks to modern technology.  Images are wood (or stone or tile) are taken with 3-D photography. 

You will see every knot, raised grain, swirl, veining and bold, vibrant color in the photo. Embossing allows for texturing, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or antiqued.

You can select either a matte or high gloss finish.  By the way, glossy wood floors are often seen in design publications.

When you go to see your flooring retailer in Houston, you’ll be surprised at how vinyl has evolved, especially when it’s in plank or tile cuts.

Let’s talk color

Some people prefer the plank-cut, as opposed to tile-sized pieces for stone or tile.  They like the larger-format-with-fewer-seams look.

If that’s you, know that you can choose from a wide assortment, from Mexican terracotta to bold red, blue, green and yellow for the retro look. Patterns like herringbone, geometrics, florals, and basketweaves are available; have a little fun, create a layout and then hold it together with some grout (not necessary for vinyl plank) to have a "permanent rug."


  • Affordability.  You will pay a lot less than you would for genuine lumber, tile or stone.
  • Durability.  At the top is a clear plastic wear sheet.  It is strong and protects the floor from scratches, stains, and scuffs. It's virtually impossible to wear off the image.  It's also one of the floors most recommended if you have kids or pets because it can stand up to just about any amount of punishment.
  • Easy to clean.  All you need to do is sweep and do a periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner.
  • Simple installation.  DIYers love this!  With a few exceptions, it can be placed over most existing subfloors and the pieces just click together like a puzzle.

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