Every flooring material has its strengths and weaknesses that make it good for some things, and worse for others. For instance, you wouldn't want to put white carpeting in a mud room. Well, one of the major weaknesses of many flooring materials is an inability to handle water very well. Carpets can get stained and moldy, and wood floors practically disintegrate through over-exposure to water.
Vinyl plank flooring, however, doesn't suffer from water-based issues. This makes it great for use in a number of rooms where other flooring materials dare not tread. It can even recreate the look of wood floors, in areas where wood would otherwise not be advisable. So which are the best rooms for vinyl plank flooring? Here's a quick look!
There are few rooms in the home that are more dangerous for non-waterproof floors than the kitchen. Whether it is spills from knocked-over glasses, water sloshing out of the sink, or just the increased humidity levels that come from boiling a simple pot of pasta, non-waterproof flooring doesn't stand a chance in a kitchen.
We mentioned that there are few rooms more inhospitable to non-waterproof flooring than the kitchen. Well, the one room that is more dangerous is the bathroom! Of all of the rooms in a home, the bathroom is the most dangerous, bar none, for flooring that doesn't play well with water.
With vinyl plank flooring, you can splash around your steamy bathroom with wild abandon, and never have to worry about the floor flying apart at the seams!
Below-grade rooms
Anytime you go below ground, you are inviting moisture issues. Non-waterproof flooring is never recommended for basement or below-grade applications, because water condenses in the air due to temperature differences, seeps in through the walls and floors from the ground outside, and builds up from internal sources too numerous to mention.
The safest bet for below-grade flooring is vinyl plank, because it isn't bothered at all by moisture issues.
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