Before a renovation, it's essential to truly understand the type of surfacing you've chosen. As such, A+ Floors 4U has written this helpful article on what to know about laminate flooring, chock-full of useful information. Our Katy, TX showroom experts want to set homeowners off on the right foot, so check out the following facts about laminate flooring before your upcoming remodel.

Popular Colors
While you may be smitten with the newest laminate flooring trends of 2019, it's always best to pick a color that's not too bold. Neutrals are always a good choice, as they blend in seamlessly into any background, no matter what style you have at home. Basically, keep in mind that you'll be staring at this shade for several years to come, so, take some time to select an ideal shade.

Prepare the Room
Depending upon the services provided by your installers, you may be on your own to prepare the space that's to be redone. If this is the case, start by removing all baseboards around the room. Sometimes, you can salvage the trim, though in most cases, you'll end up having to purchase new baseboards, because the thin wood often breaks in the removal process. In any case, trim isn't particularly pricey, which is good in this scenario.

Before the installation of laminate flooring in Katy, TX, the new slats will need to acclimate to the interior, ambient temperature and humidity levels of your home. To speed up the process, installers usually open the packages and create short piles with the planks. Typically, this takes about 48 hours, though it does depend on which model you select. At this point, it's a good time to inspect the slats for damage.

"Out" With the Old or "Over" the Old?
Before the renovation actually starts, most likely, at the time you discussed the job, consider if your new surfacing will be adding on top of the old planks, or if the room will be gutted to make space for the new slats. Typically, this all depends upon the condition of the old flooring, as well as the total height you'll need for new surfacing.