Laminate flooring was one of the big trends of 2018 in the flooring world. People feeling the economic crunch are coming around to the idea that a strong flooring material that looks great, is easy to install as a DIY project, and is kind to the pocketbook, might be the way to go for their new floors.

So, that's exactly why we're going to talk today about laminate flooring, Katy, TX. This quick crash course on the benefits of laminate flooring will provide you with all of the facts about laminate flooring's benefits you need, in order to make an informed decision about your big flooring project.


One of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring is the fact that you can have the great look of wood, without the hefty sticker shock that comes from the initial investment in traditional hardwood. Modern imaging techniques and materials science, have provided a flooring product that mimics the look of wood so well, that even experts can be fooled.

Aside from the low cost of the material itself, there is the fact that you can also save money on installation. Laminate floors are easy enough to install as a DIY project, for people with even a modest level of DIY knowledge. The money you save on labor can then be used to fund other home projects.


Being an engineered product allows laminate to enjoy added layers of protection, in the form of durable wear layers that coat and protect the image layer below. These wear layers are strong enough to stand up to the rigors of heavy foot traffic, scratches, and gouges, better than most other flooring materials out there. A stronger floor is a longer lasting floor, and the longer your floor lasts, the more money you save on replacement!

Easy Maintenance

Those same protective coatings also make laminate flooring extremely easy to maintain. With little more than frequent sweeping or vacuuming, and prompt attention to liquid spills, your laminate floors will look great for years to come. You will barely have to do anything!

Interested in Laminate Flooring for Your Home?

Now that you know what there is to know about laminate flooring and its benefits, maybe you're considering looking a little deeper into finding some for your home. A+ Floors 4U has earned a sterling reputation for customer service and quality work, during our 16 years of operation in the flooring industry. Let us put that experience to work for you!

Simply call, email, or stop in at our showroom in Katy, TX, to have a look around at all of the incredible laminate styles we have on offer, and arrange for your free consultation and estimate. We are sure our staff can help you find the floors you want at prices you will love!