What do you want to know about laminate flooring? Do you want to know about its beauty? It's phenomenal durability and easy maintenance?

Or maybe you’re a trend-watcher. Did you know that this flooring isn’t just for the floor, but that you can also install it as “wood” paneling? Yup, that’s one of the biggest laminate flooring trends of 2018.

All of this adds up to one thing: Laminate flooring may be the better choice for your Katy, TX home.

A+ Floors 4U is Going to Break it Down:

It’s often recommended if you have kids. One of the big facts about laminate flooring is that it is scratch- and- water-resistant, as well as ultra-tough. It’s also a little softer and more flexible, because it’s installed with an underlayment. That means there’s not much of a hard fall.

First Things First: How Laminate is Made

Once you know, you’ll understand how and why it’s so tough. A layered product, there’s an inner core made of ultra-tough fiberboard. Then there’s a photographic image layer, and on top of that, a very, very strong clear plastic wear layer.

So circling back to the kiddos, that wear layer makes it highly water-resistant. It also makes it virtually impossible to “walk off” the image.  It’s also easy to clean; markers, lipstick and crayons. Just wipe off and, go ahead, bring on those push and pull toys!

Here’s the problem with real wood floors and kids: Hardwood can scratch and dent, and hardwood is not at all water-resistant. In fact, excess water can cause a lot of damage with warping. Hardwood does last a long time if there’s no structural damage. One they warp, all bets are off.

By the way, these characteristics are also why it’s considered so pet-friendly.

It’s an Incredible Simulation of Wood or Tile

Okay, we bet this is what you want to know about laminate flooring, because one of the myths that just won’t go away is that it looks like what we remember from decades ago.

Because of the evolution of technology, this looks so much like real wood, tile or stone, that it can add elegance to any environment. The wood-look laminate is cut into planks and, to add even more realism, textures can be another feature added: Wired, hand-scraped, brushed, etc.

You can also get it cut into tile-sized pieces, available in many colors, patterns and styles.  Come into the A+ Floors 4U showroom in Katy, TX, and we’ll tell you more.