Vinyl plank flooring has become incredibly popular for Houston home renovations, especially in the past few years. Deciding on which surfacing would be best for your redesign can truly be a daunting task. Some materials may look great, but the costs may be out of your budget range. Other choices may simply not match your lifestyle. While every different type of flooring has its own unique set of benefits, let’s go over why Houston homeowners are choosing vinyl plank flooring over many other options.

Cost-effective: For the vast majority of homeowners, cost-effectiveness is a must. However, in terms of style and pleasing appearance, there’s no need to break the bank with a budget-friendly alternative like vinyl planks.

Wide range of styles:
With a nearly endless range of colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find a design you love. Not only that, this vast assortment of options allows you to mix and match your floors with your current décor and furniture.

Softer surfacing feels:
Compared to many other material types, vinyl plank flooring is surprising when it comes to surfacing feel. There's some slight cushioning to the slats, providing a nice surfacing that absorbs tension. As such, this installation is excellent for people with joint, feet or back problems.

Easy maintenance: Since it’s resistant to water mishaps, these planks are super simple to clean, thus making it an easy to maintain type of flooring.

Quick installation: While most other kinds of flooring need proper subfloor preparation, vinyl plank flooring can be installed directly over most subfloors. Because of this, the installation is quite quick and relatively inexpensive.

Various model styles:
Quick installation is also possible because of the various model styles it’s manufactured in, such as click tile and click plank. As such, this is possibly one of the reasons why vinyl plank flooring is a go-to for Houston, TX homeowners.

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